The Financial Action Task Force Plenary Outcomes: Discussion with the Former U.S. Heads of Delegation

August 3, 2020 - COVID-19, Webinars

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF)—the global AML/CFT standard setting body and watchdog—held the third and final Plenary meeting under the Chinese Presidency on June 24, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the meeting was held virtually, but nonetheless the Plenary outcomes were numerous. Among the important outcomes of the Plenary are the publication of:

  • The Priorities for the FATF under the German Presidency
  • Xiangmin Liu’s End Presidency Statement
  • The Report on Money Laundering and Wildlife Trade
  • The Report of the 12-Month Review of the Revised FATF Standards on Virtual Assets and VASPS
  • The Report to G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors on So-Called Stablecoins
  • Public Consultation on Recommendation 1 and its Interpretive Note


Please join us as we continue our FATF-focused series with discussion amongst the four leading experts and former heads of the U.S. delegation to the FATF:

  • Sarah Runge, Credit Suisse
  • Jennifer Fowler, Brunswick Group
  • Chip Poncy, K2 FIN
  • Daniel Glaser, K2 FIN

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