Enhance your enterprise’s ability to educate and train staff online on financial crimes risk and compliance

DOLFIN provides a full suite of customizable online learning, training, testing, and certification capabilities, serving as the premier tool for enterprises seeking to effectively mitigate financial crime and sanctions risk and meet regulatory requirements.

Train, Test, Certify

The DOLFIN Training Center provides online training and continuing education resources to address financial crimes compliance needs and meet regulatory requirements.



Access assigned tests and assessments to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency. Tests include client-specific tests and K2 Integrity created tests.



DOLFIN’s flagship courses—Foundations of U.S. Sanctions and Foundations of Anti-Money Laundering—offer an easy solution to your institution’s regulatory requirements.


E-Learning Plans

Streamline your training needs by assigning DOLFIN E-Learning Plans (ELPs) to front-line professionals, second-line experts, senior executives and more.



Designed and delivered by in-house global experts using analytic frameworks that make K2 Integrity’s professional training unique in the market.

E-Learning Plans

ELPs or role-specific training and continuing education plans help enterprises mitigate compliance risks. Supervisors can assign ELPs designed by DOLFIN’s financial integrity experts and/or create custom ELPs for their staff based on DOLFIN content, their own material, or a combination.

Sample ELP Offerings

  • AML Analyst
  • AML Manager
  • Sanctions Analyst
  • Sanctions Manager
  • First Line of Defense
  • Board and Senior management
  • COVID-19
  • Trade Finance
  • Correspondent Banking

E-Learning Plans are tailored to your institution or organization’s specific needs. For additional questions Contact Us

Customize your enterprise’s learning experience

Partner with K2 Integrity experts to create content, webinars, tests, and full courses fully tailored to your enterprise’s needs. Gain insights on your staff’s usage and performance with a dedicated Admin Portal.


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